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Harvard Business Review’s Social Outlook

The academic and business publication has quietly grown a digital presence....


Over the last several years, the Harvard Business Review has quietly grown its digital presence, and it points to social as the main reason. HBR is a cross between a magazine and an academic journal. But with the exponential growth in digital, the outlet is trying to be more egalitarian without watering down its heavily researched and often didactic business-management content. The publication, which costs $100 per year or $17 a month, believes social media’s role as a democratization tool can make its content more accessible to a wider audience.


“Social has been a key channel for us to increase the impact of these ideas,” said Eric Hellweg, HBR’s digital strategy director. “That’s the heart of what we do. But to unearth these ideas and tell them in the social realm, it becomes an effective way to spread these ideas around the world. It’s a great way to get reach and influence.”...

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